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Hello, I'm Luisa Paiva - the creator of Carioca Studio

Our mission is to bring high quality brands and digital products to life.

5+ years experience
Clear communication
Fast turnaround
Project one
ui design

Website overhaul for a mobile marketing company

Cellcast needed a website redesign to modernize its appearance, highlight new solutions, and develop a broader brand identity beyond their logo, aiming for a friendly and trustworthy online presence.

Hero section for the reviews page of the website
Project two

Brand identity for flower and gift shop

Beyond Roses was looking to have an online presence, and needed to create a brand identity that would take them up the next step - ensuring consistency across their new Shopify store, social media and collateral.

Beyond roses collateral
Project three
ui design

Website refresh for an asset tracking company

iottag required a website overhaul to modernize its look, clearly present its solutions, and reflect its market-leading affordability and plug-and-play options. Their goal was to look professional, trustworthy, cutting-edge, yet accessible.

iota Home Screen
Project four
ui design

App revamp for a mobile pet tracking company

Nuttag aimed to revamp their app, including a better user flow and incorporating new features into the existing application. The update process would kick off with the iOS version and then move on to the Android version.

Nuttag app
The whole process was clear from the start and the result was amazing. Luisa always keeps us updated and the deliveries were high quality and on time - love it!"
Photo of client - Beyond Roses
Jasmine Hulme

Owner, Beyond Roses


What we can do for you

The services include the full process of digital product design such as brand identity, user experience design (UX), user interface design (UI) and Webflow Development

Brand Identity

We’ll capture your essence and set you apart from your competitors.

UI Design

Beautiful and user-friendly - a seamless experience with your digital products.

Figma to Webflow

Dynamic, responsive, and easy to manage websites that just work.


Communicate effectively and strengthen your brand's presence.

About the studio

Carioca Design Studio, has been transforming brands and digital products with flair and authenticity for five years. Founded by Luisa Paiva, a designer deeply influenced by the city's dynamic culture, the studio excels in fusing its spirited essence into every creation.

Committed to you

Clear communication, exceptional quality, and timely delivery.

High quality

It's not just about meeting expectations; it's about delivering the best

Luisa Paiva, creator of Carioac

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Let's work together

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