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Website refresh for a B2B asset tracking company

iottag required a website overhaul to modernize its look, clearly present its solutions, and reflect its market-leading affordability and plug-and-play options.
They aimed for a design that is professional, trustworthy, cutting-edge, yet accessible.




May 2021


UX / UI Designer

Understanding iottag's needs

iottag's previous website looked corporate but dated. They needed to be bolder in their communication to showcase their technologically cutting-edge solutions

They also needed more consistency and contrast in colours, as well as image compositions that could communicate their solutions but still be relatable - which means just the right amount of techy.


Final design and development

The result for this project was 10+ pages that highlighted use cases and all their plug and play solutions, for outdoor, indoor and underground.

The heavy use of white and white space gives the website a clean look, the shades of blue with the heading typeface (Ubuntu) gives it a modern vibe and the image compositions gives just enough information for the user to want more.

The main challenge for this project was making sure that all the copy needed for SEO could be accommodated, while communicating well in aesthetically pleasing components.

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