Hero image showcasing the brand

Brand identity for flower and gift shop

Beyond Roses was looking to have an online presence, and needed to create a brand identity that would take them up the next step - ensuring consistency across their new Shopify store, social media and collateral.
They provide a service that helps people express care through gift giving, where it be flowers or balloons and toys, and their main focus is on exceptional service, customized care, and original floral designs.


Beyond Roses


May 2023


Brand Designer

Understanding Beyond Roses’ needs

The name implies an abundance of choices and creative expression, offering more than just standard roses. Their target audience, mostly females, seeks thoughtful and joyful experiences with amazing flower arrangements.

The branding direction for Beyond Roses is to create an elegant and modern identity that goes beyond traditional floristry. The visual identity should be joyful, modern, bespoke, and accessible, avoiding conservative or traditional elements.


Final design and development

The resulting identity showcases a simple, clean and modern looking brand, yet still soft and accessible.

The symbol was inspired by the connection between the brand and its customer through care. It also shows two flowers, to reference variety and abundance of choices

The colours green and cream create a friendly and playful combination, while the black and white, bring an air of elegance and confidence. Overall, the brand is minimal and gives space for the main event - the beautiful flower arrangements.

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